Get Published

Getting published isn’t just about turning your book from words on your computer into words on a page; it’s about bringing your message to your audience in a way that allows you to truly connect with them – and them to you! As we all know, a book definitely is judged by its cover, so Art + Deco’s artistic flair and streamlined publishing options are the perfect fit to make your book stand out in the crowd and find its readers through online and brick-and-mortar distribution.

  • Book Cover Design
  • Production & Distribution
  • Jacket Blurbs

Find Your Audience

Art +Deco is proud to be the publicity firm of record for outstanding authors, publishing houses and boutique presses around the world. We’re an exceptional partner for you in promoting your lists and building your brand, by bringing an unique eye to how your book stands out to readers. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching author website, to host a phenomenal blog tour or for social media set up and services, we’re here to create the buzz around your books.

  • Book Publicity Services
  • Author Websites & Blogs
  • Full-service social media services

Hit the Road

Your words are out there and your reader pool has been tapped into. You can Google your own name and find book reviews for your books, and you’re ready to meet your public face to face! Now is the time for publicity event planning and book tour management. Whether you're looking to throw a phenomenal book launch party or book signing event, now's the time to step from behind the pages and the social media Likes and into the arms of your fans!

  • Publicity event planning
  • Book tour management
  • Book release party planning and execution
Brand Pearls

Define Your Brand

Defining your brand is a dynamic, ever-evolving process. As technology and trends change, your brand must stand the test of the time and the pressure test of your consumers. It’s never too early or too late to start defining your brand. At Art + Deco, this includes complete brand concept planning from start to finish, so that you walk away with a brand that’s truly fit to you. Defining your brand also includes press releases, media kits, media pitching, tailor-made marketing plans, designs of social media posts and social media strategy. Select the concept-to-delivery option or go à la carte.

This phase is fantastic for both companies and authors, as Art + Deco offers a comprehensive brand-establishing plan that is bespoke to meet your specific needs and visions for your brand.

Artists, Trendsetters

Art + Deco offers a team of technologically savvy, strategic thinkers and rich storytellers with a keen eye for design and wordsmithing, creative editing and social branding, ready to deliver high-quality, inspired solutions to your book and brand needs from conception to delivery. We have manuscript editors, proposal writers, copy writers, photographers, videographers, social media experts, book cover and website designers and publicity and brand leaders on our squad, and we’re always looking for new professionals who share our bold vision.


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