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Our motivation is to work with people and brands who have ideas the world has never seen before and the open-mindedness to go for them! We believe that the best results are achieved when people work together in an open and honest way. No hidden fees, no run around. Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of how we operate across all platforms, from our creative clients to our vendors, publishers and readers.

Not Your Typical Agency

Our services promise to be personal, passionate and custom-built to you, from start to finish, idea conception to brand building. We offer our clients the choice of concept-to-delivery packages or à la carte services to enhance your already-established work.

This is not your typical agency. We leave the stuffy blazers at the door and bring a fresh approach to overused, outdated publishing strategies. We’re a group of new-age masters – not just researching our fields but living inside of them every day. Our unique boutique approach is personalized to you and leaves behind all the conformist and conventional corporate pedagogies that can stifle your creativity and level your work to look just like everyone else’s. Our modern world needs modern voices, publishing solutions and brand identities. And that’s what Art + Deco provides!

Meet the Creative Director

Meet the Creative Director: If ever there was a person who lives and breathes the publishing industry, it’s Felice. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing from Georgia State University and a Master’s degree in Publishing from Kingston University in London, England, where she specialized in Diversity + Inclusion in the Digital Age of Publishing. She also studied Literature at the University of Versailles in France during her study abroad program. She’s studied under some of the greats in the writing and publishing industry, such as Alison Baverstock, Bobby Nayyar, Josh Russell, John Holman and Knopf-published author of Sugar in the Blood, Andrea Stuart. She has worked within the hallowed walls of 3 of the Big 5 global conglomerate publishers, as well as in phenomenal, award-winning indie and non-fiction houses such as Zed Books in the UK. She was the literary agent and first editor for J.J. Hensley’s debut fiction novel, Resolve, and is the author of her own book, The Other Americans: A Novel, under her creative pseudonym, Navidad Thélamour. She’s even been endorsed by publishers such as Penguin Random House, Catapult Press and W.W. Norton to read and review advance copies of all their latest releases before they even hit the shelves, and she writes trend articles for the online journal Padmore Culture, marrying her eye for creative writing and branding through publicity, so she always has her ear to the ground on the next big trends in publishing and branding.

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Felice Sims

Creative + Editorial Director

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